Breast Augmentation Deluxe Box
Laylee Recovery

Breast Augmentation Deluxe Box

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 It is stressful wondering what you will or wont need after your Breast Augmentation surgery so we have put together the Breast Augmentation Deluxe Box. 

Our Breast Augmentation Deluxe Box has everything you will need pre & post BA surgery plus a few extra luxury items packed in a beautifully designed box. Perfect as a gift or for yourself!

Our Breast Augmentation Deluxe Box includes the following items;

- Laylee Recovery Cleavage Ice Pack x 2

- Laylee Recovery Breast Ice Pack

- Laylee Recovery Silk Sleep Mask

- Laylee Recovery Silk Scrunchie

- Laylee Recovery stainless steel straw set

- Medisponge x 2

- Paw Paw lip balm

- Vitamin E Cream

- Bio Oil

- Coloxyl with Senna tablets

- Antibacterial Face & Body wipes

- Alcohol swabs

- Gauze Pads (with bonus tape)

- Betadine

- Swisspers Cotton Balls

- Maxi Pads

- Compression Stockings (black)

- Hand Sanitizer 

- Colgate Travel Pack

- Dry Shampoo



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