Laylee Recovery BBL Cushion
Laylee Recovery BBL Cushion
Laylee Recovery

Laylee Recovery BBL Cushion

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Introducing the Laylee Recovery BBL Cushion, designed, tested & loved by us.

Using a lightweight yet sturdy foam to support and distribute your body weight evenly, with an added memory foam on top for comfort and a non slip base.

It holds up to 115kg, keeps pressure off your new derriere, thigh grooves for comfort, a handle for easy carrying & a removable and washable cover.

One of the best BBL Cushions to hit the market & a must for recovery.


It is recomended that you do not put any pressure on your new assets for a minimum of 2 weeks but preferable 6-8 weeks for best results.

Now you can still sit for short periods of time in between your recovery period.

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