Laylee Recovery Silk Pack
Laylee Recovery

Laylee Recovery Silk Pack

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Combining Laylee Recovery Silk Sleep Mask and Laylee Recovery Silk Scrunchies together to make a 'pack' was a no brainer. Why have 1 when you can have both?


- Laylee Recovery Silk Sleep Mask is a 100% natural silk sleep mask, offering comfort and durability.

We use the highest quality 6A mulberry silk with 22 momme thickness, mulberry silk filling, silk lining and a silk band ensuring that when you are needing to rest post surgery, you only have the best products against your skin.


Sleep Mask Washing Instructions;

- Please use pH neutral detergent, (water temperature 30°C ) hand wash or gentle machine wash in a wash bag. Wash separately from dark colours.

- Please line dry in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight. 

- The temperature of ironing should not exceed 120 °C. When ironing, try not to touch the silk directly, add clothing or a light towel to iron over the silk.

- Do not tumble dry..




Laylee Recovery Silk Scrunchies (2 pack) is made from 100% natural silk, to help prevent hair breakage, damage and avoid those dreaded hair kinks.

We only use the highest quality 6A mulberry silk with 22 momme thickness for our large scrunchies.

Who says you can't recover comfortably or luxuriously?



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